Back by Popular Demand. Billy Wagner Round 2. Your send in submission for the Billy Wagner private signing deadline is 12/4/2020. 


You can send check or money order to: (Made Payable To IB Exclusives LLC)

IB Exclusives

P.O. Box 816

Bealeton, VA 22712


*Special Limited Stat Ball* will feature:

  • 7 All Star Years written out
  • #1st Round Draft Pick
  • Combined No Hitter 6/11/03
  • 1999 Rolaids Relief Man
  • NCAA HOF 2019
  • His lifetime stats (Record/Strikeouts/ERA/Saves)


NOTES: All cards/photos will be signed in Blue Sharpie or Silver paint pen. Baseballs will be signed in Blue BIC pen. We will change out the sharpie/pens after every 10 items.

***If you have a specific pen you would like to use that is not one of those three, then please enclose it with your items****


Please label your items as follows: Put a small post-it- note on the item with your name. Indicate where you would like the item signed.

Billy Wagner Private Signing (December 2020)



P.O. BOX 816

Bealeton, VA 22712