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IB Exclusives is accepting trading cards only for Dwight Gooden. The deadline to submit your item is 7/6/2022.



Trading Cards: $15

Inscriptions: $10


Mail in your item as well as send cash, check or money orders to: 

(Made Payable To IB Exclusives LLC)

IB Exclusives LLC

92 Main Street

Suite 201-6

Warrenton, VA 20186


Email IBExclusives8@gmail.com with any questions, or for info about bulk discounts (10+ items)



All cards/photos will be signed in Blue Sharpie or Silver paint pen. Gloves will be signed in color of our choice (unless requested). We will change out the sharpie/pens after every 10-20 items.***If you have a specific pen, marker or sharpie you would like to used, then please enclose it with your mail in items*** Please label your items as follows: Put a small post-it- note on the item with your name. Indicate where you would like the item signed.

Dwight Gooden - CARDS ONLY

PriceFrom $10.00